The Miles app is a great product. It makes tracking mileage a breeze. It has already paid for itself. It helps me to save both time and money.
MileTracker 631

Thank Goodness! I downloaded the competition’s app twice, and I deleted it twice, because it was so frustrating. This one solves all the problems that I found in the others. It’s easy to use, and totally worth the subscription fee.


Awesome app for one who is on the road all the time What I love is, once I install and register, I don’t have to remember to open the app each time I get in my car. It is an intelligent little trip catcher. All I have to do is reconcile at the end of the week, either archive my trip or expense it. It’s going to save me tons of tax dollars. Sorry CRA, I want all my money back. Sorry mileiq, everlance this one is better.

Alex G

Great App With traveling all the time, I needed an app to help keep track my miles. I have tried others in the past and none have come close to this one. With a lot of it happening behind the scenes, I can just go in and code my expense to the client when I reach my destination. Easy, accurate and fast. Highly recommended this app to anyone!

Wesley M.